Mark Cooper

Executive Vice President, Europe

Mark joins Megaport from Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) where he served as Chief Commercial Officer with responsibility for management and development of AMS-IX’s marketing, sales, business development and customer service teams. During his time at AMS-IX he also led the development of the new corporate strategy and product portfolio, as well as initiating and managing all strategic partnerships.

Mark has a proven history of running successful Internet Exchange businesses across the world. His extensive experience with the peering ecosystem and networks in Europe puts him in a great position to execute Megaport’s European business plan. The deep relationships that Mark has built within the industry and his intrinsic knowledge of the data services marketplace equips him to provide excellent guidance as Megaport looks to unlock future growth opportunities.


Aydin Yildiz

Director IX Services and strategy

Aydin joined ECIX in 2013 and currently serves as Director IX Services and strategy. He is responsible for operational processes and strategy, with a focus on Finance, HR and international business development. Aydin’s main task is to improve ECIX' competitiveness and increase its appeal to international customers. This follows a successful launch and build-out of the ECIX Frankfurt exchange, bringing much needed flexibility and cost-effectiveness to that market.

Before joining ECIX, Aydin founded network service provider Atrato in 2009. In just four years, the company built a presence in 75 metros in 15 countries, from LA to Budapest and from Stockholm to Madrid. A year after Aydin left, Atrato was acquired by Hibernia Networks to act as its IP network division. Prior to Atrato, Aydin worked in various IT management and consulting roles for enterprises and governmental organisations.


Kay Rechthien

Head of Engineering

Kay joined ECIX in 2010 as a network engineer. As ECIX grew, Kay's role evolved. Daily responsibilities include managing the NOC and Engineering teams, ensuring reliable operation of the ECIX peering platform and scaling the platform to ensure it delivers the high bandwidths required for current and future applications.

Before joining ECIX, Kay worked for Netsign, which provides IT Consulting services to major ISPs and hosting providers. His work focused on large-scale deployments and system architecture. Kay is also an enthusiastic member of the (inter)national Internet community and involved in several associations for the good of the Internet. He supports various large Internet related conferences and has managed a NOC that built large scale networks supporting over 10.000 concurrent users at unusual temporary locations.