Introducing: Alice-LG, ECIX's New Looking Glass


ECIX is proud to introduce to the world her new looking glass; Alice-LG.
Check her out in action at

The looking glass has the following features:

  • show who is peering with the route servers, and who not
  • show which routes are advertised, and by whom
  • show which routes the route server has rejected, and why
  • show which routes were NOT exported to whom, and why
  • all data you see is also available using the REST API
  • fully open source! Get your own copy at

Alice-LG was born during RIPE NCC's RIPE 73 hackathon in Madrid where our developer Matthias Hannig joined forces with INEX's Barry O'Donovan's team to build a front-end for Barry's new BIRD API, Birdseye. We decided to further develop this new looking glass into Alice-LG. A huge thanks to Eileen Gallagher from INEX for coming up with that name.

A pretty sweet feature which Alice-LG throws at us is her REST API, some examples:

Internally we use the REST API for some Slack tools to quickly check up on a peer without having to log into the route servers themselves, but we can totally imagine a peer writing a tool which alerts them whenever Alice-LG sees that their routes are being rejected.

Alice-LG is developed in-house at ECIX, but it is entirely open source and available to all at

Development on Alice-LG is ever ongoing. If you find a bug, miss a feature, or miss documentation don't hesitate to open up an issue on GitHub.

Stefan Plug