Service Description


The following fragment of configuration gives an idea of how to configure a Brocade device. Depending on the actual role of the device (router or switch between router and ECIX) and the type of code loaded into the device you may need to mix and match the information provided to some extent.

! Define a single-port VLAN for the ECIX port
vlan number name "ECIX" by port
no spanning-tree
untagged ethernet if

! Configure the ECIX interface
interface ethernet if

 port-name "ECIX"

! Behave as a router.
 no spanning-tree

! Don't do IPv6 ND-RA (Router Advertisements)
 ipv6 nd suppress-ra

! No weird discovery proto, please.
 no vlan-dynamic-discovery

! IP address
 ip address 194.146.118.X

! No redirects
 no ip redirect
 no ipv6 redirect

! ECIX recommends 2 hour ARP timeouts
 ip arp-age 120

! For 1G ethernet: no autoconfig.
 gig-default neg-off

Brocade Aggregated Links

BigIron JetCore-based switches support link aggregation only on adjacent ports. The first port must be oddly numbered, and the other port must directly follow the first one. The same goes for any additional pairs of ports in an aggregated link.

! Create an aggregate on a Jet-Core based switch
trunk server ethernet slot/port to slot/port+1

BigIron RX or NetIron MLX/XMR switches don't have limits to port placement for aggregated links. Ports can be non-adjacent or even distributed over multiple blades. BigIron RX has a limit of 8 ports per aggregated link, NetIron MLX/XMR raise this to 16 in software 3.5.0, 32 in 3.8.0

! Create an aggregate on a RX/MLX/XMR switch
trunk ethe slot/port to slot/port ethe otherslot/otherport to otherslot/otherport

As of RX software release 2.5.0 and MLX/XMR software release 3.9.0 the link aggregation syntax changed. The configuration now looks like:

! Create a LAG on a RX/MLX/XMR switch
lag "<NAME HERE>" static
 ports ethernet #/# ethernet #/# <and so on>
 primary-port #/#

The primary-port is used as a single point of configuration. All configuration changes to the primary-port are propagated to the other ports in the lag group.

The keyword "static" designates a standard aggregated link. For an LACP-enabled link, use:

! Create a dynamic LAG on a RX/MLX/XMR switch
lag "<NAME HERE>" dynamic
 ports ethernet #/# ethernet #/# <and so on>
 primary-port #/#
 lacp-timeout short