Why connect?

Joining the ECIX peering network gives you unlimited, highly cost efficient access to all other peering platform members over a single Ethernet connection.

By keeping connectivity local, we improve your performance - especially when dealing with large volumes of traffic - whilst also enhancing your network redundancy. What's more, you can avoid congestion and fees for colocation, deployment and maintenance of hardware. Parties can hand off traffic between each other, avoiding third party costs.

Internet peering means connecting different networks to each other on a peering platform. The technology used is a standard Ethernet Service with VLAN support. On the connection layer, IPv4 and IPv6 Unicast are utilised. All platforms are monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (24*7) by our NOC. Customers have access to a Customer-Self-Care (CSC) portal. Here, they are able to manage their account and address, watch live traffic on their port and check the peering matrix.

We offer the following Ethernet port speeds (as well as multitudes of these speeds in an aggregated setup):

1GE (1000BaseLX)
10GE (10GBaseLR)
100GE (100GBaseLR4)