The European Commercial Internet Exchange (ECIX) is fully specialised in peering. Together with our partners, ECIX also offers remote peering and transport to several locations and other IXPs. Access providers, carriers, datacentres, content networks, broadcasters, mobile operators and hosting providers have all been connecting and been exchanging traffic over our neutral local infrastructure for over 15 years. Do you have a project you would like to discuss? Want to know how peering at ECIX can enhance your business and reduce costs? Get in touch with us today!

ECIX Internet Peering connects all customer networks on the robust ECIX peering platform, offering your network access to all other members on our platform. Linking to this ever-growing multitude of networks through a single Ethernet connection, in a highly cost efficient manner, improves both the performance and redundancy of your network.

ECIX Remote Peering provides you with access to Internet exchanges in locations in which you have no network presence. This allows you to vastly extend the reach of your network without investing in new infrastructure and knowledge. The remote exchange connection, complete with a unique VLAN-ID, is handed off to your existing peering port. All peering traffic is exchanged between your router and the chosen remote location over 'virtual' Ethernet connections, or 'Pseudo Wire Ethernet'. As each location has its own IPv4 and IPv6 address pool, differentiating between local and non-local traffic is easy.